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B-wind! opening » AZ labs @ O Espaço do Tempo

AZ Labs @ O Espaço do Tempo
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AZ residency @ O Espaço do Tempo

Interactive installation
Premiere at the AZ residency's result showcase and exhibition during the month of July 2010 at O Espaço do Tempo.

Concept and Coordination
Mónica Mendes

Team work with
Pedro Ângelo (programming)
Maurício Martins (electronics)
Ricardo Webbens (sound)
Sérgio Ferreira (live broadcasting)
Tiago Serra
Members of the three Audiência Zero creative labs: LCD, altLab,
and xDA

Technical Assistant
@ O Espaço do Tempo

António Costa

Exhibition Guide
@ O Espaço do Tempo

Francisco Gomes

PhD supervisors
Professor Nuno Correia
Professor Sílvia Chicó

In the scope of
Digital Media PhD
AZ labs artistic residency
B-wind project blog posts


Digital Cinema workshop research

+ link to UT Austin wks announcement


RTiVISS selected for ACM MM 2010

RTiVISS will travel to Florence in October: 'RTiVISS | Real-Time Video Interactive Systems for Sustainability' – has been accepted as a short paper for ACM Multimedia - Interactive Art Program :)

Already got the reviews, now really looking forward to get feedback to RTiVISS from the ACM MM community!


B-wind v0.2 system architecture map

This is the updated system architecture for B-Wind! developed together with team members Pedro and Maurício during the second half of the AZ residency, nodes marked with dashed lines represent features that we're planning to develop in the next stage.

Currently, the system involves four main components:

  1. Real-time video capture and streaming at a remote location using a wireless IP Camera. The video stream is processed in openFrameworks using a custom GStreamer pipeline.

  2. Real-time motion tracking of the user at the instalation implemented using OpenCV.

  3. A working prototype of an Arduino based fan controller that can turn on and rotate a 12v fan according to motion tracking.

  4. Particle effects generated from the user's performance at the local installation, where motion information is used to displace a fluid simulation grid which is overlayed in the streamed video of the remote location.

We still have to hurry, for there's some work to be done to customize the system to the available technical resources and to the characteristics of the exhibition space. Go B-wind team, go!



Network camera lag tests

video MM

… have you ever seen yourself blinking and in real-time?


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