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AZ Labs @ O Espaço do Tempo
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AZ residency @ O Espaço do Tempo

Interactive installation
Premiere at the AZ residency's result showcase and exhibition during the month of July 2010 at O Espaço do Tempo.

Concept and Coordination
Mónica Mendes

Team work with
Pedro Ângelo (programming)
Maurício Martins (electronics)
Ricardo Webbens (sound)
Sérgio Ferreira (live broadcasting)
Tiago Serra
Members of the three Audiência Zero creative labs: LCD, altLab,
and xDA

Technical Assistant
@ O Espaço do Tempo

António Costa

Exhibition Guide
@ O Espaço do Tempo

Francisco Gomes

PhD supervisors
Professor Nuno Correia
Professor Sílvia Chicó

In the scope of
Digital Media PhD
AZ labs artistic residency
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