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Videoranchin' + workshop

After the meeting with Ben Bays, I was given the opportunity to visit the Videoranching3D studios while working on live music events. A performance worth experiencing, I can assure you, for this is the real emotion of real-time live events! Check the calendar>>

After the show, we managed to talk in a final chillout session at The Belmont outdoor terrace while the SXSW concerts succeeded, brainstorming on the possibility of a workshop in video FX in Lisbon this Summer. I specified the characteristics of the course and the PhD students trends, so that this could be an added-value hands-on-approach experience for everyone.
So... what about the idea of a two week workshop in video effects and 3D environments optimization for real-time processing?


Meeting point for SXSW 2011:

... right on 6th St in downtown Austin! Dedicated to my research supervisor, with whom I'm looking forward to propose working hard in order to apply for a panel at the next SXSW Interactive ;)


SXSW Interactive partying~networking

SXSW Interactive Closing Party at The Mohawk in Red River S., right beside Club de Ville :) Take a look at the poster and listen get the music through the links to the bands >>
: networking:

… now I'm in! Here with Melanie Mathos, the PR manager at Blackbaud, which provides technology solutions to non profits, and her co-worker Chad Norman.

The We Are Scientists:

… and the :)s and :(s of a full open bar party:



: the always surprising mouth opening desired effect with OpenFrameworks:

Zachary Lieberman and Todd Vanderlin were at SXSW to present the open source c++ library in a Design & Development panel: OpenFrameworks - A Powerful Creative Coding Library for Artists.
We could meet and talk about Porto's encounter during Olhares de Outono 2007 and Ars Electronica 2008, and about using OF for the RTiVISS real-time video to be processed in real-time with the ofxVideoStream addon that Pedro Ângelo is now working on. Zach is reminded of Pedro, especially for his active participation in the forum and contribution to the wiki, and is also looking forward to get to know about the addon developments.

To my PhD colleagues, I recommend a good look at this diagram, for it will be very useful as we get to this subject on Media Lab classes soon:


The Future Places showcase

The AMODA Digital Showcase at SXSW presented a series of events featuring live electronic music and visual art, including the Portuguese participation with the futureplaces showcase + Crónica! Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha and João Cruz presented a live remix of audio and video from the Future Places festival at Club de Ville.
It was nice to meet the UT Austin-Portugal program people in the audience: Karen and Homer, Chris McConnell, Bruce Pennycock, Fátima São Simão... and also Ana Boaventura, who was in the Program in its first year :)
View photo and comments by Heitor Alvelos >>


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