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Sharing the experience

Austin, UT and SXSW flyers, maps, magazines gadgets & music CDs samples – I'll be glad to share it all with you – live at the Media Ground!
Marta's book request is now delivered, just in case you want to borrow from her The Digital and the Children, by the UT professor Craig Watkins, who also did a presentation and book signing at SXSW. His successful book sold out during the SXSW Interactive week!
And… I can't wait to start to fill out the walls, so watch out for future posts, I'll be uploading some photos and videos ;)


Restless minds at MoMA

Flying back to Portugal, I got the opportunity to stay for a few days at Newark stopover, inevitably visiting MoMA ;)). Another unmissable experience, not only for revisiting the permanent exhibition masterpieces at a glance, but especially for the two temporary exhibitions – Marina Abramovic and Tim Burton. The exhibitions were both tremendous, conceived by restless creative minds, but absolutely contrasting!
On the upper floor, the controversial new performance proposals by Marina Abramovic, where the human bodies "incarnate" live sculptures – the artist included, for she is there for real at the ground floor during the whole exhibition, an ubiquitous presence – see it by yourself, live online! Shocking at first sight, nobody gets indifferent with such strong messages.
On the ground floor, the fantastic surreal worlds inhabited by creatures brought to life through the drawn lines of Tim Burton, showcasing colorful sketches, sculptures and animations – frantic, I can tell!


"South by…"

This is the nickname for the South by Southwest festival, one of the new acquaintances from this awesome experience. Sleepless nights/days overtaken by compelling references, some already covered at the conferences, workshops and networking during the interactive week, others from the music field – something like 1900 bands, an insane challenge worth the try!

From the dinosaurs Motorhead at Austin Music Hall,

to the irreverent rock proposals at the British Music Embassy "Latitude 30" with the General Fiasco among others,

the AMODA Digital Showcase experimental approach by the Portuguese Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha and João Cruz at Club de Ville with "Futureplaces @ SXSW", the Portuguese David Fonseca at the panoramic top floor of the Hilton Graden Inn releasing his new album "Between Waves", a collection of songs inspired by life on the road and its highs and lows,

and Belmont's non-stop 12 am-2 pm free access parallel music festival

to all kinds of downtown Austin bars – Maggie Mae's,

Darwin's country style,


Buffallo Billiards, and the fancy Dixties, just walk by and feel the beat! The photos can give you a quite vivid idea, but you have to experience it by yourself!

I'm looking forward to work towards coming back next year, hopefully with a presentation regarding RTiVISS ongoing research issues on real-time video experiments in digital interactive environments – I'll let you know when the time comes, stay tuned ;)


On/Off interfaces

The expressiveness of these spontaneous visual annotations have the power to trigger an emotional response every time I glimpse at it:


Ladies and Gentlemen: join Jeremy Gruy on the RTF tour

Jeremy Gruy is not only our awesome one-man-show tour guide here, but he may also become your right hand as the Tech Staff Assistant, if you're considering to spend a semester at the Department of Radio-Television-Film situated at the CMA building.
You would certainly apply, if you had this tour with Jeremy's explanations on the classes subjects, contents, resources and production facilities offered to the film and television UT students. Ready? Let's go, take a virtual tour now, and come back next year for the real feel :)


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