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Flying back to Portugal, I got the opportunity to stay for a few days at Newark stopover, inevitably visiting MoMA ;)). Another unmissable experience, not only for revisiting the permanent exhibition masterpieces at a glance, but especially for the two temporary exhibitions – Marina Abramovic and Tim Burton. The exhibitions were both tremendous, conceived by restless creative minds, but absolutely contrasting!
On the upper floor, the controversial new performance proposals by Marina Abramovic, where the human bodies "incarnate" live sculptures – the artist included, for she is there for real at the ground floor during the whole exhibition, an ubiquitous presence – see it by yourself, live online! Shocking at first sight, nobody gets indifferent with such strong messages.
On the ground floor, the fantastic surreal worlds inhabited by creatures brought to life through the drawn lines of Tim Burton, showcasing colorful sketches, sculptures and animations – frantic, I can tell!

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