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AZ Residency – The Video


See also altLab blog posts on each of the 7 days


B-wind v0.1 system architecture map

Here's the first version the sysrtem architecture for B-wind! created during the first half of the AZ residency, with the feedback of Pedro, Maurício, Sérgio and Jorge; dashed lines nodes will be developed next stage!


Real-time (video) streaming iterations

After some (un)stability tests with GISS, Darwin Streaming Server + QuickTime broasdaster seem to be a possible stable solution to work with real-time video considering a dedicated server – thanks, Sérgio :)


All set for UT-Austin prospective research visit!

I will de spending two weeks in Austin in order develop knowledgement and skills and to establish connections with the UT-Austin researchers regarding video production – especially documentaries, trailers, film credits and integration of video in interactive installations.

I will also attend the SXSW Interactive Festival (March 12-16) in the scope of the South by Southwest week 2010. I'm confident this will be a key factor in to trigger connections with UT Austin researchers asap in 2010!

Previously, Diogo has given me some advice on traveling to Austin and getting the most out of my visit in the scope of the research, for he's already been there last year for a short visit, too.
Watch out, I will be posting my Austin prospective research visit photos, videos and comments, mainly to share this experience with Digital Media PhD colleagues.


B-wind kick-off @ AZ residency

Developing team work on first B-wind prototypes with Maurício, and all labs residents :) Catarina's fan with a motor and MakerBot 3D printed parts is already a reference for the prototype wind – we're looking forward to print it asap!
The residence has been an awsome experience from the start – congrats and thanks for this initiative, Guilherme :)))


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