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B-wind! @ O Espaço do Tempo v1.0

This is the first major release of the RTiVISS experience B-wind!, just in time for the AZ Labs exhibition @ O Espaço do Tempo. It reflects the work done over the two residency periods, and adaptations to fit available resources and space during the installation setup.

V1.0 includes multiple projection screens, inviting visitors to flow across the installation space. It uses available wired local network to cut back streaming video latency and an updated fan control code to use an Arduino-based DMX controller for the array of fans. We also set up a camera to capture the installation space and broadcast it live online for project documentation and remote maintenance.
Since the exhibition space is part of a convent surrounded by trees inside the walls of a castle, we managed to set up the remote location part of the installation just outside the exhibition space. This allowed us to optimize resource use — wired ethernet, power cables and DMX control equipment — and to make sure that sensitive equipment, like the IP camera, was kept inside the exhibition space at all times.
Having the two spaces so close together had an interesting effect. The fans rotating outside aroused curiosity that brought people to experience the interactive installation, and the experience of controlling a space so close by inspired people to go outside and see the trees and the fans working.

Now the exhibition is over but B-wind! development doesn't stop here, we still have a loads of information to process (ouch!).
The whole development experience was very intense and we certainly learned a lot from it. We also got some very good information from the feedback of installation users, and from the video recordings of their interactions.
We're already hard at work, improving the project for future presentations » Stay tuned for the upcoming B-wind 2.0!


B-wind! exhibition live online

selected videos at O Templo da Saudação, Montemor-o-Novo


B-wind work in progress

Tiago was with us and also has some photos & comments + 3D experiments ;)–-computer-vision-awesomeness/


Who's the Chef

Imagine how lucky we are: Joel, our most recen AZ residency member, came especially from Biarritz no only to get bacteria from the poço, but also to prepare this gourmet meal with the wisdom of the pays-Basques haute cuisine – we enjoyed:

diner photo

never mind… look at the photos and imagine the taste


B-wind! The place

Just take a look of how inspiring this place is… it's inhabited by a little wind-fairy, come and try it yourself in the exhibition to come from July 12th

photo girl at sala da lareira


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