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AZ residency – Part II has just began…

Just arrived at O Templo da Saudação, where I'll be with AZ labs members for the next 10 days – working paradise again, after a windy ride at the jeep. Catarina calls it hackations, I'm not sure about what it ill be called, just about accomplishing the development and conclusion of the B-wind interactive installation.

Watch the photos an enjoy.


MM fotos of the place, the room, …


Still nature with B-wind

Workshop encore at Betahaus

foto screenshot of video ou o p video


at Betahaus – last day, last hours, last minute

working on B-wind with the newly developed examples with PA using openFrameworks

and getting back to the electronic circuit figuring out to best explain with Jorge usring Frtiz

après workshop at Betahaus


Real-time video streaming workshop

using openframeWorks

foto wks at fbaul


RTiVISS paper awarded at Artech

Best Portuguese paper at the 5th International Conference on Digital Arts Artech 2010 "Envisioning Digital Spaces" – yay RTiVISS :)))

Full paper here »



Going out for parties at night can become a real prospective work for research, especially if you find THE King of Fans: now wanted for the B-wind project!
So… how can I get one of these back in Portugal? Or I will come back in Austin to implement the B-wind interactive installation with a local fan? We'll get back to it ;)


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