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UTA wi-fi skyping outdoors

Austin lunch time 2pm meets Lisbon 6h+ at dinner time… fine ;). Videoconferencing with Ricardo on the B-wind interactive installation sound samples he's been working on, one of those subjects that is not sms-able.

One of the nice feeling of being a foreigner of a country that almost no one knows you language is that you enjoy speaking out lound and yet feeling you're having a private conversation and not anoying your neighbours… they aso feel curious about the different language and simply try to figure out wich nationality you are ;)

Although with some (recoverable) breaks, which is fine for outdoors wi-fi, the UT internet guest connection was quite ok, so it gets the approval stamp! :)


AZ Residency – The Video


See also altLab blog posts on each of the 7 days


B-wind v0.1 system architecture map

Here's the first version the sysrtem architecture for B-wind! created during the first half of the AZ residency, with the feedback of Pedro, Maurício, Sérgio and Jorge; dashed lines nodes will be developed next stage!


AZ residency is (not) over

well, just for now… we'll be back in June for the 2nd part of the residency at O Espaço do Tempo!
Meanwhile, don't miss Filipe's inspired AZ residency reports at any of the Audiência Zero labs blogs: altLab, LCD and xDA – you'll love it, and we'll want more ;)


B-wind is blowing

With Maurício's electronic setup with a microcontroller, a DC motor and a servo to activate and rotate a fan, and Ricardo's codeTouch in Arduino, B-wind is ready to blow! Video tracking input later on – Pedro starring ;)


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