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The acronym for this exploratory project and research agenda is ARTiVIS, which stands for Arts, Real-Time Video and Interactivity for Sustainability and connects with the symbolic meaning association of Art and Activism.

Why are publications prior to the 2011 Fall season spelling RTiVISS in the place of the actual ARTiVIS? The project initially started as ARTiVISS, then simplified as RTiVISS – to be read with an english accent. By interviewing the Portuguese population and making them participate in the installations (Hug@ree Summer) we realized the need of a clearer and broader communication, readable by people of every language. By then, people either did not spell it as it was meant, and did not connect the RTiVISS acronym with art or activism. As the research becomes more focused on the use of real-time video for artistic explorations and interactions with the local population, we recognize the relevance to make the name understandable and memorable to all cultures. ARTiVIS is the actual proposal that keeps the essence of art and real time-video for sustainability, and brings more evidence on the connection of arts with an activist approach.

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Hug@ree palm tree #TEI2011


After testing all kinds of trees and connections at the TEI conference venue CS Madeira, we finally got to this framework! Ah, and don't worry about the scarce foliage... we'll manage to make it spread its leaves with live hugs {[( )]}

... so here's the plan:


UTA wi-fi skyping outdoors

Austin lunch time 2pm meets Lisbon 6h+ at dinner time… fine ;). Videoconferencing with Ricardo on the B-wind interactive installation sound samples he's been working on, one of those subjects that is not sms-able.

One of the nice feeling of being a foreigner of a country that almost no one knows you language is that you enjoy speaking out lound and yet feeling you're having a private conversation and not anoying your neighbours… they aso feel curious about the different language and simply try to figure out wich nationality you are ;)

Although with some (recoverable) breaks, which is fine for outdoors wi-fi, the UT internet guest connection was quite ok, so it gets the approval stamp! :)


Real-time (video) streaming iterations

After some (un)stability tests with GISS, Darwin Streaming Server + QuickTime broasdaster seem to be a possible stable solution to work with real-time video considering a dedicated server – thanks, Sérgio :)


Interactive installations prelude

Proposals for development at Audiência Zero residency are ready – feedback wanted


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