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Play with Fire final days at Algoritmos Criativos

The last days at the exhibition were completely filled with intensive work doing participants observation, tests and records. Here is a selection of photos focused on the Play with Fire interactive installation implementation and user interaction observation on this flickr set »

The Colab also reports some of the exhibition installations by UT Austin|Portugal Program Digital Media PhD students, including Play with Fire. Check pages 4-5 of the February newsletter to find Play with Fire, Onomaphonic and Prefall135 »

Additionally, I had my Digital Media students of the Multimedia Art degree on February 23 and the Multimedia Project II students of the Art and Heritage Sciences degree on February 25 visiting the exhibition as part of the references presented from the insider's perspective by Pedro Ângelo, for later discussion in class. Take a look at the references list of the works presented in the exhibition posted in the classes blog »
And here it is the overall view of the Algoritmos Criativos exhibition photos set from the study visits »

*Thanks* to everyone that collaborated by answering the tests form, in presence at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, or later online! In case you have been at the exhibition and still want to contribute to the ongoing research, here is the tests form link »
(this anonymous test will only take 5-10 min., and the feedback is precious for the current research and further iterations of the Play with Fire interactive installation :)

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Hug@ree at 10/10/10 Global work party | Call for participation


Participate today » 10/10/10 Global work party » hug a real tree and send the video/photo to Hug@ree »

Simply hug a real tree anywhere in the world, and then send the 5 to 10 seconds video or a photo to !

This action on 10/10/10 will trigger your registration in the Real-Time Interactive Video Systems for Sustainability virtual world and screen you at the interactive installation we will be exhibiting at Popup Lisbon. Hug@ree will be symbolizing the complicity between urban beings and the forest to express cities’ new values regarding sustainability.


Interactive installations prelude

Proposals for development at Audiência Zero residency are ready – feedback wanted


Activist RTiVISS

RTiVISS proposes innovative ways of conceiving both digital media arts and cutting edge environmentally sustainable practices through critical research and experimental approaches. Multiplatform devices will provide access to real-time networked video for users to "adopt" selected forests. The interactive system feeds a broad community sharing "the emotion of real-time" and the challenge of uncertainty, remotely monitoring natural environments for forests protection and aesthetic exploration.

An activist facet sparks due to the potential of contributing to forests preservation and, ultimately, to a more sustainable world.