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A big *thank you hug* to all the "Hug@ree at 10/10/10 Global work party" contributors!

Hug@ree at 10/10/10 was very well succeeded, thanks to all the online participants who joined the cause and sent their photos, and to the ones that who kindly complied to my request, which involved friends + family, too ;)

So far, these resources have been used for testing and the contributors will be the first to populate the world of Hug@ree.

Soon we will publish a brief visual compilation, and we are also editing the video. We will be sharing it with you online at and this blog, and also screening at the Pop Hug City Lisbon 2010 exhibition, where the Hug@ree interactive installation is scheduled to premiere... November 4 – keep the date!


Hug@ree at 10/10/10 Global work party | Call for participation


Participate today » 10/10/10 Global work party » hug a real tree and send the video/photo to Hug@ree »

Simply hug a real tree anywhere in the world, and then send the 5 to 10 seconds video or a photo to !

This action on 10/10/10 will trigger your registration in the Real-Time Interactive Video Systems for Sustainability virtual world and screen you at the interactive installation we will be exhibiting at Popup Lisbon. Hug@ree will be symbolizing the complicity between urban beings and the forest to express cities’ new values regarding sustainability.