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Real-time (video) streaming iterations

After some (un)stability tests with GISS, Darwin Streaming Server + QuickTime broasdaster seem to be a possible stable solution to work with real-time video considering a dedicated server – thanks, Sérgio :)


Research outputs

RTiVISS outputs will be a trade-off between aesthetic pleasure from contemplative observation and interactive experiments of forests real-time videos. RTiVISS will also explore a tense feeling of control over danger and functional monitoring for forest protection in a surveillance system. Main outcomes include:

. Online, a multiplatform prototype optimized for access with computers and mobile phones. It includes real-time forests videos, artistic explorations, interfaces for users input, forum, statistics database, a video archive open for free use, and a repository of the documents and software produced within the project

. Interactive installations for public exhibition and participation

. Users feedback and evaluation

. Publications and digital arts exhibitions.

By promoting a more sustainable world through digital media arts and experimental design, this project blurs the distinction between art and society, local and global, contributing to broader aesthetic and political implications of new technology-engaged art forms, tools and media.