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Play With Fire at DIS2012

The ARTiVIS experience Play With Fire was presented last Wednesday, June 13 at the 2012 Designing Interactive Systems conference (DIS2012) demo session that took place at the beautiful Great North Museum:Hancock in Newcastle in the UK.

The Play with Fire team attending the conference (Mónica, Pedro and Valentina) met right after lunch to know the assigned place for the demo and start assembling everything. We started by scouting the museum surroundings to find a suitable forest to "burn" and a place to set up the IP camera. The DIS staff was very helpful in assisting with the installation setup and and about an hour before the demo session we tested everything and were ready to go.

Then came everyone else. As soon as the demo session started our IP camera stopped responding and we couldn't demo the interactive part of the installation. So we showed our demo video and the dynamic web collage of forest fire news that contextualizes the interactive experience.

Everyone that came by our booth was very interested in the installation and we got some very good feedback from everyone *Thanks*

Near the end the network got a bit less crowded and we could stream the outside forest and burn it interactively. Although the ambient light made the kinect a bit glitchy, we could finally show a glimpse of the Play with Fire experience.

Many thanks to everyone that attended. We hope to see you all again soon :)

Here is the link to the DIS 2012 conference album and – with special thanks to my friend Mário António – the link to the local culture overview album. Enjoy!


ARTiVIS "on fire" at ISEA 2011

September 15, 2011: presentation of the Play with Fire work in progress by me and Pedro Ângelo in the Sustainability panel at ISEA2011 in Sabanci Center, Istanbul.

Sadly Valentina and Nuno couldn't come and present the project with us, but overall the paper session and our Play with Fire presentation went very nicely. It started with Bin Jiang's presentation of his Ecotopia concept, a really thought provoking idea to build structures that host a countryside ecosystem inside a big city, fostering self sustainability and jobs for urban communities. Our presentation also fostered some interesting discussion on forest fire paradoxes, the unstable balance of nature without human intervention and some valuable references and figures to help consolidate the ongoing research.
It was good to get feedback on the project concept from Julian Oliver regarding facts and figures of forest fires and the effect of human intervention on natural cycles, and from Lindsay Grace later on regarding the concept's "interesting tension".
After the session we also met Lorenzo Taiuti, Valentina's thesis advisor in the Fine Art Academy (way back more than a dozen years ago) who dropped by to see his old student presenting, showing that ISEA's ability to attract a widespread community of digital art practitioners can be a forum to meet old friends too.
And last but not least we also had the pleasure of having Anna Barros dropping by our session to say Hi.

The rest of ISEA program was very good and it was really hard to balance it with all the unmissable historical locations, art exhibits and events vying for our attention in Istanbul.
Among the highlights were the fantastic keynotes by Oliver Grau, Roman Verostko and Sara Diamond, the two Art Market boat cruises on the Bosphorous for the networking and project presentations, and Jenny Leary's workshop on how to make magnetic latex impressions of your credit card.

It was also great to meet again so many friends from my recent stay in LA, like Jenny Leary, Sci|Art colleague Pinar Yoldas, and Melissanthi Saliba. It was also really nice to have the chance to meet personally Victoria Vesna's Art|Sci collaborators Roy Ascott, Sara Diamond and Christiane Paul.

The Portuguese participation at the conference was very strong, with really nice work presented by Ricardo Lobo from AZ Labs, Ana Carvalho, Miguel Carvalhais, Helder Dias, Margarida Carvalho, Maria Manuela Lopes and Paulo Bernardino, and the other Nuno Correia ;)

Overall we had a fantastic time at ISEA2011 and we hope to be a part of this community again next year in Albuquerque. Many thanks and congrats to the Artistic Director and Conference Chair, Lanfranco Aceti, for the excellent work and kindness during the event and also the whole process. As for Istanbul, it's definitely a city to return to someday to pick up on all the wonders left unseen.

Here's a flickr glimpse of what was seen »


"Bringing real-time visibility to Forests for Sustainability" at CHI 2011 Workshop

Great experience today CHI 2011 Workshop: Sustainable Interaction Design in Professional Domains :)
Congrats and thanks for the input #CHI2011 on my "Bringing real-time visibility to Forests for Sustainability"!

It was great to know the organizers – Daniela Busse, Leonardo Bonanni, John C Thomas, Eli Blevis, and Marko Turpeinen – and their approach on this theme. So sorry I couldn't meet Nuno Nunes again after TEI now in Vancouver, but I got to know another SINAIS project team member, Mary ... – hopefull, we will find some extra time to exchange ideas on our research projects!
Application of patterns. Here's the several groups outputs:
enjoy :)


"Big Brother Goes Green: Surveillance for Sustainable Forests" accepted for SXSW

Remember this special request (some months ago...) to vote for my proposal? Yay, the panel that me and Nuno Correia proposed *with Prentiss' expert review collaboration* has been accepted to be part of the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival in March in Austin!

Thank you so much to all that voted and commented on our proposal at the SXSW panelPicker » Here's the list of confirmed sessions for the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival with the accepted PanelPicker Proposals titles »

AZ Labs are also spreading the word, and Filipe Cruz posted on this and other labs members good news... unmissable! ;) »



ACMMM2010-92Presenting RTiVISS at ACM Multimedia Interactive Art Program this year was an awesome experience, a privilege shared with so interesting researchers.

Here's my ACM Multimedia photos selection at Flickr » take a sneak view at the photos, then you get an idea of what happened :)

Now some highlights to some of the opening of the Interactive Art Exhibit "Colorito: An Interactive Renaissance of Color":

and the Interactive Multimedia Computing for Creativity and Expression workshop.

As for the posters sessions, I really enjoyed meeting Ryan Janzen and his performative music interactive installations. Also the FireVolleyball, presented by Sei Ikeda, and meeting Sebastian Mondetand and his MobiTree work gave me the opportunity to add their projects as references to Play with Fire, when developing this RTiVISS interactive installation.

There's no doubt that the whole experience was truly inspiring, I hope that these notes can contribute to describe or recall the experience!


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