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ACMMM2010-92Presenting RTiVISS at ACM Multimedia Interactive Art Program this year was an awesome experience, a privilege shared with so interesting researchers.

Here's my ACM Multimedia photos selection at Flickr » take a sneak view at the photos, then you get an idea of what happened :)

Now some highlights to some of the opening of the Interactive Art Exhibit "Colorito: An Interactive Renaissance of Color":

and the Interactive Multimedia Computing for Creativity and Expression workshop.

As for the posters sessions, I really enjoyed meeting Ryan Janzen and his performative music interactive installations. Also the FireVolleyball, presented by Sei Ikeda, and meeting Sebastian Mondetand and his MobiTree work gave me the opportunity to add their projects as references to Play with Fire, when developing this RTiVISS interactive installation.

There's no doubt that the whole experience was truly inspiring, I hope that these notes can contribute to describe or recall the experience!

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