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: the always surprising mouth opening desired effect with OpenFrameworks:

Zachary Lieberman and Todd Vanderlin were at SXSW to present the open source c++ library in a Design & Development panel: OpenFrameworks - A Powerful Creative Coding Library for Artists.
We could meet and talk about Porto's encounter during Olhares de Outono 2007 and Ars Electronica 2008, and about using OF for the RTiVISS real-time video to be processed in real-time with the ofxVideoStream addon that Pedro Ângelo is now working on. Zach is reminded of Pedro, especially for his active participation in the forum and contribution to the wiki, and is also looking forward to get to know about the addon developments.

To my PhD colleagues, I recommend a good look at this diagram, for it will be very useful as we get to this subject on Media Lab classes soon:


AZ Residency – The Video


See also altLab blog posts on each of the 7 days


B-wind v0.1 system architecture map

Here's the first version the sysrtem architecture for B-wind! created during the first half of the AZ residency, with the feedback of Pedro, Maurício, Sérgio and Jorge; dashed lines nodes will be developed next stage!


B-wind is blowing

With Maurício's electronic setup with a microcontroller, a DC motor and a servo to activate and rotate a fan, and Ricardo's codeTouch in Arduino, B-wind is ready to blow! Video tracking input later on – Pedro starring ;)


Real-time (video) streaming iterations

After some (un)stability tests with GISS, Darwin Streaming Server + QuickTime broasdaster seem to be a possible stable solution to work with real-time video considering a dedicated server – thanks, Sérgio :)


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