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An Evening at Tom and Karen's

"SXSW is here, and many of our Portuguese colleagues are in town! Please come by Karen and Tom's Sunday to enjoy a beautiful spring evening and welcome our guests.
Spouses and partners are welcome, and food and drinks will be provided."

Dear Karen and Tom,
thank you so much for your party last night, everything was fantastic – the friendliness, the dynamics, food and drinks, the place – and the hosts, including Noah :-)))
I'll be posting some photos on the blog as soon as I can :)

Looking back in time through the photos, I now realize that one of the nicest things was to meet so many known faces, and the new ones too, in the same place and time! Not easy for the organizers, but truly worthwhile for everyone : }


"Viral" refs meeting Nancy Schiesari @SXSW

Nice encounter with Nancy Schiesari, as we managed to meet at the SXSW How to Create a Viral Video panel, that ended up with a surprising "surprise"…

Me, Paulo, Luís and Ana attended the Intro to Digital Documentary Production Workshop at FCSH in the scope of the Summer Institute 2009 – it was an extremely constructive experience, and it would be great to have the opportunity to continue into a post-introduction workshop some day :) Editing and directing are also areas to explore, and warmup exercises like cutting a trailer would be very interesting, too.
We also had the privilege to see her most recent documentary, Tatooed under Fire – beautiful and impressive, it's awesome!

For the RTiVISS interactive installations proposals, Nancy suggested the project "Burning Man" – the movie, by Gone Off Deep, a documentary production company in Austin, is a striking reference to retain! The filmaker Robert Rodriguez, a UT Austin recent graduate ;), is also a reference to get back to – here's his Spring Commencement speech.
Now fingers crossed for the UTA/FCT call proposal for Playing with Fire approval – I'll be looking forward to get in touch with her friend and son, who are fire dancers, in case the project is up and running!


WordPress: "born in Texas"

Did you know that? So Wordpress is a nice option with this research blog, we're at home – no wonder Rosental was so keen on Wordpress ;)

Is WordPress Killing Web Design was a good discussion around blog design, with a highlight on Brendan Dawes! Here's the SXSW video>>


SXSW kickoff

I started the SXSW Interactive 2010 week meeting with the Portuguese crew; from then on, it was a non-stop festival!
If you consider to spend a full semester in Austin, I strongly recommend you plan to include the SXSW event in your schedule! Now in its 22nd edition for Music and Film, 3rd edition for Interactive, the festival is expanding more and more each year, attracting participants and attendants from ll over the world. And take this forwarded advice: sleep in advance, because you'll want to attend to a lot of presentations & interactive parties – just take a look at the SXSW 2010 schedule and check-in at the SXSW YouTube channel>>


UTA wi-fi skyping outdoors

Austin lunch time 2pm meets Lisbon 6h+ at dinner time… fine ;). Videoconferencing with Ricardo on the B-wind interactive installation sound samples he's been working on, one of those subjects that is not sms-able.

One of the nice feeling of being a foreigner of a country that almost no one knows you language is that you enjoy speaking out lound and yet feeling you're having a private conversation and not anoying your neighbours… they aso feel curious about the different language and simply try to figure out wich nationality you are ;)

Although with some (recoverable) breaks, which is fine for outdoors wi-fi, the UT internet guest connection was quite ok, so it gets the approval stamp! :)


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