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On the way to UTA

Here's some views along the walk from downtown Austin at 6th St to the CMA (Communicatiobs building) at the University of Texas (UT), 25th St.. It takes around 30 min. walking to get there, 10 min. by Bus with a $1 ticket or taxi for $8.
There's always an enchanting framework with trees :}, and the UT campus is huge! Take some time to explore the maps here.

This building is similar to the Washington DC, but in Texas, they say, everything is bigger – the Capitol is!

Right on the other side, you can find boots, saddles, and "The enchanted florist " (oops, you'd better wait for the RTiVISS Enchanted Forest ;)) ... and yep, these boots are used in daily life, you can find it in the photos >>

If you're considering comming to Autin from March on, don't forget to bring your running shorts and shoes or sandals to classes – you'll be most fashionable!


Power advice for travelers

No power conversion = no computer, no mobile phone... ouch, and the hotel won't have one, for "clients forget to return it"! So, if you forget yours, you get no late night hours working when you arrive, and guess what will be the forced buy in the very first morning:


Austin unveilled

Here's some of the first contrasting impressions of Austin near the Extended Stay Hotel where I'm staying, between 6th and Guadalupe St. – location is the highlight of this place, a 10 min. walk to the Austin SXSW Congress centre and 5 min. walk from downtown at night :)

Austin is a city with an ecletic architecture. The hotel is the smallest building on the left, and the original rooftop on the right is part of the futurist controversial Frost Bank tower.

Trees are all over, providing a beautiful poetic framework to the city (I wonder that in Summer the shadows may be very useful, too... ;))


Scheduling with Karen Gustafson

Karen Gustafson has been quite busy with my visit doing all the UTA scheduling that Sharon Strover recommended: Luis Francisco-Revilla of the School of Information; Ben Bays, who teaches Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; Rosental Alves of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. But that's not all for now: the plans for this visit also include to meet with Karen Kocher and Nancy Schiesari, too!
She's been fantastic with the reservation at the Extended Stay America, a hotel that stands out for its downtown location, and even picked me at the airport and took me for dinner at the natural and organic food WholeFoods Market… yay Karen, what a reception :)



A snapshot with first visual impressions of arrival at Austin + soon…


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