Serendipity on the way Back from UTA

Getting back from UTA "home", I find myself in a very quiet environment. I feel like the next time I'll get a bike, too, it will be very nice to walk longer distances while looking at the views, or just ride around the Capitol.
The Capitol at twilight is an enchanting place, or an enchanted one – what an inspiring environment to set up the RTiVISS Enchanted Forest!… may I? ;) … and the Hug@ree, too? Yay!

The Frost Bank tower and the illuminated theatre are rematrkable,too.
On the safety issue: I've been carrying my MacBook around at any time of day and night, and everything is ok… a discrete presence, almost no police, and yet you feel very safe… nice :)


Department of Radio-Television-Film sights

While we're looking forward to the guided tour on March 19, here's some photos of the Department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) at the CMA building, from the inside pannels in 6th floor to the outside courtyard :)

+ photos here


Panoramic views with Tom Schatz

Meeting with Professor Tom Schatz at the meeting office of the UT College of Communication (CMA) was an opportunity to get the administrative views and plans the future. Currently, Professor Sharon Strover in Washington for a specific project, so I couldn't meet her personally in Austin this time, although she was participating at a distance. The CMA will have a new building next year, which means more space at the actual CMA building where the Department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) is now.
I had the opportunity to present the overall research and its components and to get feedback and recommendations on the purposes of this prospective visit.
I got to know about Saturday screening of the UT movie premiere at SXSW "Dance with the One", in which RTF faculty members Tom Schatz produced the film along with Bryan Sebok and others. I was also invited to the meeting with Portuguese fellows on Sunday, where I'll meet Karen Kocher again :)


Culture and showers with Rosental Alves

As soon as I got into his office at the School of Journalism in the CMA building, I realized he is not only dealing with news issues as a UT Professor and his Knight missions in journalism... I mean Rosental Alves is the news:

Me and Paulo attended his first Online Journalism Workshop at FCSH in 2008 – there we created the loev project, which we continued developing and presented at Future Places exhibition. Loev got a commendation for "commercial potential" – what else could we wish for a startup project?
It was nice to meet again last year to present the loev case study to the workshop participants, and for a welcome lunch with the workshop alumni. Rosental was glad his workshop in Portugal is confirmed in June 2010 – so am I, we'll meet again in Lisbon :)
Keep the suggestion: for the ones who didn't attend the Online Journalism Workshop yet, beware – it's an opportunity not to miss!

Meeting with Rosental was very enlightening: after presenting the RTiVISS ongoing research, I had his feedback with precious advice on the opportunity of studying in the US and further contacts at UT in case I'm implementing the Amazon case.
I was wondering about all the mexican style food I've been eating in Texas, then Rosental made it all clear: it's not the Mexicans that are influencing Texas, but the Americans that overtook mexican frontiers.
I got a "shower" of history, followed by unpredicted tropical showers to get back to the car after a radical vegan lunch ;)

So the raw description applied to ALL vegetables, including broccoli? "Crudite", remember that when you order the day's special at one of the fanciest natural-organic restaurant in Austin. Well, the result was an invigorating lunch combine the vegetables with 3 different sauces and several entrée cookies – no diet, and a lot of fun with a special witty Brazilian friend :)


Kerbey Lane, for sure

Karen was spoiling me again and took me to delicious lunch in a locals restaurant/café – that's it, Texas food has a spicy mexican accent ;)


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