Scheduling with Karen Gustafson

Karen Gustafson has been quite busy with my visit doing all the UTA scheduling that Sharon Strover recommended: Luis Francisco-Revilla of the School of Information; Ben Bays, who teaches Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; Rosental Alves of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. But that's not all for now: the plans for this visit also include to meet with Karen Kocher and Nancy Schiesari, too!
She's been fantastic with the reservation at the Extended Stay America, a hotel that stands out for its downtown location, and even picked me at the airport and took me for dinner at the natural and organic food WholeFoods Market… yay Karen, what a reception :)



A snapshot with first visual impressions of arrival at Austin + soon…


AZ Residency – The Video


See also altLab blog posts on each of the 7 days


B-wind v0.1 system architecture map

Here's the first version the sysrtem architecture for B-wind! created during the first half of the AZ residency, with the feedback of Pedro, Maurício, Sérgio and Jorge; dashed lines nodes will be developed next stage!


AZ residency is (not) over

well, just for now… we'll be back in June for the 2nd part of the residency at O Espaço do Tempo!
Meanwhile, don't miss Filipe's inspired AZ residency reports at any of the Audiência Zero labs blogs: altLab, LCD and xDA – you'll love it, and we'll want more ;)


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