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Meeting with Professor Tom Schatz at the meeting office of the UT College of Communication (CMA) was an opportunity to get the administrative views and plans the future. Currently, Professor Sharon Strover in Washington for a specific project, so I couldn't meet her personally in Austin this time, although she was participating at a distance. The CMA will have a new building next year, which means more space at the actual CMA building where the Department of Radio-Television-Film (RTF) is now.
I had the opportunity to present the overall research and its components and to get feedback and recommendations on the purposes of this prospective visit.
I got to know about Saturday screening of the UT movie premiere at SXSW "Dance with the One", in which RTF faculty members Tom Schatz produced the film along with Bryan Sebok and others. I was also invited to the meeting with Portuguese fellows on Sunday, where I'll meet Karen Kocher again :)

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