Let's keep Austin wired

Couldn't leave the Austin subject for now without a farewell note to remark that it was a very rewarding experience, intense, AND so intensive! Time was the only scarce resource, indeed.
So beware if you consider visiting or spending a full semester in Austin, there'll always be weird things to experiment, an authentic excess if you catch up with SXSW, too ;]
Meanwhile, count me in on keeping the connection!


Final meeting with Karen and Karen

The final work hit was having lunch with both Karen – Kocher and Gustafson. Despite the tasty italian food I was gifted with, we concentrated on ongoing research issues, plans triggered from this visit, and on suggesting references related to future events in the scope of the UTA-Portugal Program: Summer School, Lisbon workshops, Future Places perspectives, and the awaited UTA/FCT call results (crossing fingers to get RTiVISS onfire ;)).

Then I got a great ride to the bookstore + airport, which concluded my Austin visit in grace… double thanks to each Karen :)) :))


"South by…"

This is the nickname for the South by Southwest festival, one of the new acquaintances from this awesome experience. Sleepless nights/days overtaken by compelling references, some already covered at the conferences, workshops and networking during the interactive week, others from the music field – something like 1900 bands, an insane challenge worth the try!

From the dinosaurs Motorhead at Austin Music Hall,

to the irreverent rock proposals at the British Music Embassy "Latitude 30" with the General Fiasco among others,

the AMODA Digital Showcase experimental approach by the Portuguese Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha and João Cruz at Club de Ville with "Futureplaces @ SXSW", the Portuguese David Fonseca at the panoramic top floor of the Hilton Graden Inn releasing his new album "Between Waves", a collection of songs inspired by life on the road and its highs and lows,

and Belmont's non-stop 12 am-2 pm free access parallel music festival

to all kinds of downtown Austin bars – Maggie Mae's,

Darwin's country style,


Buffallo Billiards, and the fancy Dixties, just walk by and feel the beat! The photos can give you a quite vivid idea, but you have to experience it by yourself!

I'm looking forward to work towards coming back next year, hopefully with a presentation regarding RTiVISS ongoing research issues on real-time video experiments in digital interactive environments – I'll let you know when the time comes, stay tuned ;)


Down on South Congress

I got a glimpse at Karen Gutafson's suggestion at the alternative Bairro Alto style South part of Austin centre:
Bloodshot Records Showcase | 12 noon until 6pm 15th, annual Bloodshot Records Party @ Yard Dog Gallery. Appearing: Justin Townes Earle, Deadstring Brothers, Scott H Biram, Ha Ha Tonka, Waco Brothers, Exene Cervenka, Ben Weaver, Rosie Flores, Whitey Morgan & the 78s (our latest signing!) and the Silos.
No wristband, badge or invitation needed. It's free, it's egalitarian! Beer, music and conviviality.

Worth taking the bus to the southern part of Austin, there I could find much more locals than foreigners… can you guess by the style?


On/Off interfaces

The expressiveness of these spontaneous visual annotations have the power to trigger an emotional response every time I glimpse at it:


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