Real-time video streaming workshop

using openframeWorks

foto wks at fbaul


RTiVISS paper awarded at Artech

Best Portuguese paper at the 5th International Conference on Digital Arts Artech 2010 "Envisioning Digital Spaces" – yay RTiVISS :)))

Full paper here »


Sharing the experience

Austin, UT and SXSW flyers, maps, magazines gadgets & music CDs samples – I'll be glad to share it all with you – live at the Media Ground!
Marta's book request is now delivered, just in case you want to borrow from her The Digital and the Children, by the UT professor Craig Watkins, who also did a presentation and book signing at SXSW. His successful book sold out during the SXSW Interactive week!
And… I can't wait to start to fill out the walls, so watch out for future posts, I'll be uploading some photos and videos ;)


Restless minds at MoMA

Flying back to Portugal, I got the opportunity to stay for a few days at Newark stopover, inevitably visiting MoMA ;)). Another unmissable experience, not only for revisiting the permanent exhibition masterpieces at a glance, but especially for the two temporary exhibitions – Marina Abramovic and Tim Burton. The exhibitions were both tremendous, conceived by restless creative minds, but absolutely contrasting!
On the upper floor, the controversial new performance proposals by Marina Abramovic, where the human bodies "incarnate" live sculptures – the artist included, for she is there for real at the ground floor during the whole exhibition, an ubiquitous presence – see it by yourself, live online! Shocking at first sight, nobody gets indifferent with such strong messages.
On the ground floor, the fantastic surreal worlds inhabited by creatures brought to life through the drawn lines of Tim Burton, showcasing colorful sketches, sculptures and animations – frantic, I can tell!


Austin-Houston in 3h+

= Austin-Houston flight shuttle
"I was flying back from Austin and the plane broke twice" – this was the true sentence out of three when we were playing a 1 truth/2 lies game after our cancelled flight. Waiting in the airport for 7-8 hours in the perspective of 2 days waiting in Austin, the solution became evident with the almost 4 hour drive in a 10 passengers shuttle bus to Houston, followed by a 6 am flight to Newark…
I was really prejudiced for such waste of time and missed appointments, but the unexpected contretemps became surprisingly fun by the end, as it turned out to be a lesson on optimism and Values to all of us. Thanks for the tolerance tip and contagious laughs, and for all the witty humor and complicity, shuttle fellows ;] Wish you all all the best!!!

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