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B-wind DiY fan

Catarina's fan with a servo motor and 3D printed parts as a reference for the B-wind first prototypes wind generator.


B-wind kick-off @ AZ residency

Developing team work on first B-wind prototypes with Maurício, and all labs residents :) Catarina's fan with a motor and MakerBot 3D printed parts is already a reference for the prototype wind – we're looking forward to print it asap!
The residence has been an awsome experience from the start – congrats and thanks for this initiative, Guilherme :)))


AZ artist residency

Audiência Zero multidisciplinary artist residency with its three laboratories (altlab, LCD, xDA) in O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), 01-07 March + 14-23 June. The projects produced will be shown between 12 and 25 July.

B-wind is the RTiVISS project to be developed during this week!


B-wind first tests

Preliminary tests on B-wind concept with Ricardo Webbens to prepare Az residency work.


B-wing goes to AZ residency

What is the feeling of becoming the wind, an invisible power with a visible physical effect on trees? Will you cherish the leafs, or will you trigger a hurricane? B-wind! + info


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