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delay (ed.)

Testing the delay of the local network at O Espaço do Tempo!

Have you ever tried to see yourself blinking? What about seing your profile in (almost) real-time?


editions on the delay of the network

Blinking to myself wit music dancing with myself

+ fotos MM PA Marco



I didn't get to print the fins*,

the model fin revolved to a threatening shark! Pedro's fault…

In the ,meantime, take the hint and explore

foto pedro link flickr PA


By the way, once the size is too big for actual makerbot, and while still waiting for Leonardo's mega prototype, PLAN B for the fins printing is to do cut it on a laser printer, and then file... got it? ;)


B-wind! The network camera

Pedro made it to access to the local network and now it's working inside openFrameworks, just what we wanted to get to the next level of video manipulation – yay!

+ fotos


B-wind! The Fan

Catarina and Ricardo have helpful with the fan circuit, now they're puzzled with the relay for Arduino+Fan feed.

Maurício is at Interactivos! (link), but he's also been skypeing his issue clear

Catarina did a little surgery to fix the fan connection adding …

Ricardo created an alternative fan circuit, just it has to be connected to the computer.


AZ residency – Part II has just began…

Just arrived at O Templo da Saudação, where I'll be with AZ labs members for the next 10 days – working paradise again, after a windy ride at the jeep. Catarina calls it hackations, I'm not sure about what it ill be called, just about accomplishing the development and conclusion of the B-wind interactive installation.

Watch the photos an enjoy.


MM fotos of the place, the room, …


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