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Hug@ree was demonstrated during the ArtropoCode – "1º Encontro de tecedeiras de código livre" (1st meeting of libre weavers), a digital art and open source software event organized by AZ Labs friends from Galiza, Beca, Marta and Daniel from Baleiro, and coordinated with Audiencia Zero and Olholivre.
This mini-hackmeet took place in Santiago de Compostela, from July 15 to 17. It was a very intensive weekend dedicated to the possibilities of free tools for creative programming. It was very fun, too :)

IMG_20110716_182533 IMG_20110716_183029

The demo version of Hug@ree was improvised with fallen leaves and branches from the park of the University of Santiago de Compostela, where Baleiro is located. In the most playful part of the meeting, the different tools where used in installations, performances and DJ-VJ sessions. Here is Pedro Ângelo's report on the Artropocode meeting »

In the chillout extension, Hug@ree became an extra entertainment during the night, grabbing surprising screenshots with the VJ performance and the participants dancing scenario. Moreover, Marta's face paintings where "estupendas" and lasted for the whole night!


This is the link for the Flickr photos full set » and here is the Hug@ree demo timelapse:

[vimeo w=528&h=330]

This Hug@ree & VJ unintended jam triggered the idea of combining the RTiVISS experiences Hug@ree and Treeellucinations in the same setup – I can almost hear what my advisor would say about such Hug@reeellucinations idea at this time: "post-doc" (ie, concentrate, do not dawdle for now) – Got it ;) ?

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Artropocode Meeting report » Laboratóri 12 years, 10 months ago

[...] the afternoon, Mónica assembled and showcased an improvised version of Hug@ree just for the event, and I followed up with a node on how to do audio reactive visuals using [...]

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