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I participated in an entrepreneurship workshop, and one of the assignments was to ask some open questions to entrepreneurs. I thought this could be an interesting opportunity for a skype video talk to get to know more about these entrepreneurs and the great projects they are involved in, so then I spread the word at the workshop presentation and also online.

I had a very nice input from all of them, and then I edited the recorded video of the interviews in a non-linear application to integrate all the contributions. Here is the link to the non-linear video of the interviews I edited using Korsakow
It is now available from my website main page directly at the at the "Interviews Entrepreneurs" text box link »

Watch it several times and explore it the way you want to, you will get a different experience everytime – anyway, I recommend you to click on the lower right button for the full screen mode. The interviewed entrepreneurs are Juliana Rotich, John Brennan, Pedro Ângelo and Teddy Ruge. *Thank you so much to you all*

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