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Final meeting with Karen and Karen

The final work hit was having lunch with both Karen – Kocher and Gustafson. Despite the tasty italian food I was gifted with, we concentrated on ongoing research issues, plans triggered from this visit, and on suggesting references related to future events in the scope of the UTA-Portugal Program: Summer School, Lisbon workshops, Future Places perspectives, and the awaited UTA/FCT call results (crossing fingers to get RTiVISS onfire ;)).

Then I got a great ride to the bookstore + airport, which concluded my Austin visit in grace… double thanks to each Karen :)) :))


On/Off interfaces

The expressiveness of these spontaneous visual annotations have the power to trigger an emotional response every time I glimpse at it:


Ladies and Gentlemen: join Jeremy Gruy on the RTF tour

Jeremy Gruy is not only our awesome one-man-show tour guide here, but he may also become your right hand as the Tech Staff Assistant, if you're considering to spend a semester at the Department of Radio-Television-Film situated at the CMA building.
You would certainly apply, if you had this tour with Jeremy's explanations on the classes subjects, contents, resources and production facilities offered to the film and television UT students. Ready? Let's go, take a virtual tour now, and come back next year for the real feel :)


Meeting point for SXSW 2011:

... right on 6th St in downtown Austin! Dedicated to my research supervisor, with whom I'm looking forward to propose working hard in order to apply for a panel at the next SXSW Interactive ;)


An Evening at Tom and Karen's

"SXSW is here, and many of our Portuguese colleagues are in town! Please come by Karen and Tom's Sunday to enjoy a beautiful spring evening and welcome our guests.
Spouses and partners are welcome, and food and drinks will be provided."

Dear Karen and Tom,
thank you so much for your party last night, everything was fantastic – the friendliness, the dynamics, food and drinks, the place – and the hosts, including Noah :-)))
I'll be posting some photos on the blog as soon as I can :)

Looking back in time through the photos, I now realize that one of the nicest things was to meet so many known faces, and the new ones too, in the same place and time! Not easy for the organizers, but truly worthwhile for everyone : }


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